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Reliable Asbestos Solutions in Somerset

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Asbestos Removal Somerset

If your property was built before the year 2000, it's likely that asbestos was used in the construction process. Until a couple of decades ago, asbestos was a popular component of construction materials due to its resistance to heat, electricity and corrosion. However, asbestos fibres can be extremely dangerous if damaged or disturbed.


If you're planning a construction project on your property but are concerned about asbestos, don't take the risk: get in touch with a specialist. At Evans Asbestos, our asbestos professionals can quickly analyse and safely remove both bonded and fibrous asbestos. As licensed waste carriers, you can rest assured that everything will be disposed of in line with the latest regulations. 

Asbestos Disposal

Whether it's in roofing, insulation or felt, when asbestos is detected it's vital that it's disposed of by a professional so that it no longer poses a health risk. As an Environment Agency licensed waste carrier, Evans Asbestos is experienced in the disposing of asbestos roof sheets and other such materials that contain harmful fibres. All ACM waste is carefully packed in UN-approved packaging, double wrapped and clearly labelled before being transported to a licensed waste disposal site.  Contact us today to book a collection. 

Our asbestos removal company in Somerset offers:

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Asbestos Encapsulation

Asbestos encapsulation refers to the process of applying a special sealant that prevents fibres from being released. It can only be carried out on asbestos which is stable, and requires a survey to be conducted which will ascertain whether it can be encapsulated or if it will need to be removed altogether. If you're based in Somerset, Evans Asbestos will advise you on the most suitable option for your property. Stop the spread of harmful fibres in your property by contacting our asbestos professionals today. 

Asbestos Testing Somerset

Any work that could potentially disturb asbestos fibres requires a thorough survey to determine the safety of the project. At Evans Asbestos, our asbestos solutions include management and demolition or refurbishment surveys, and we can also provide re-inspection surveys to periodically inspect the condition of known asbestos in buildings. All of our surveys are conducted by fully qualified and P402 trained technicians with high levels of accuracy and professionalism. No need to keep searching up 'asbestos survey Somerset', simply contact us today.

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Local asbestos experts

Covering all of Somerset and beyond, we are on hand to help with all your asbestos needs.

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