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Menacing Minerals: Asbestos & Associated Health Risks

Updated: Mar 5

Whether you work in building trades or are simply looking to move house, it’s highly likely you’ll be familiar with asbestos. Sure, you might not be an expert, but this dangerous building material has earned a reputation for risk.

Throughout the 20th century, asbestos was widely used in construction projects up and down the country. From walls and ceilings to flooring and insulation, this seemingly innocent fibre was installed everywhere. However, owing to the latency of health risks associated with asbestos, its dangers were not discovered initially.

asbestos roofing panels

Thanks to scientific advancements and research, the many dangers of asbestos were realised and, by the end of the 20th century, it was banned from use. That said, many homes built before its discontinuation still contain asbestos. In cases such as these, it must be removed by trained professionals using the correct techniques and equipment.

The dangers of asbestos should not be underestimated; in the following blog, we’ll outline a handful of serious health risks associated with asbestos exposure.

Lung Cancer

Among the greatest risks associated with asbestos exposure is lung cancer. Asbestos-related lung cancer appears identical to that caused by smoking, and is just as dangerous and aggressive. This form of cancer develops in the lung space and can be difficult to spot at first.


Similarly, exposure to asbestos particles is known to cause a particularly harmful form of cancer known as Mesothelioma. This differs from lung cancer as not only affects the lungs, but can also harm the lower digestive tract. What is particularly worrying is the fact that asbestos is the number one cause of this nasty disease. Though this form of cancer is rare, it is often deadly.


Moreover, asbestos exposure is understood to cause a condition known as asbestosis. Put simply, asbestosis is a scarring of the lungs that occurs after heavy exposure over a long period of time. Symptoms of asbestosis include shortness of breath which may, in severe cases, prove fatal.

Evans Asbestos: Safe & Efficient Asbestos Removal

With an understanding of the risks associated with asbestos exposure and disturbance, the importance of professional removal services become clear. Fortunately, with the assistance of experts, this nasty mineral can be removed safely and effectively from homes, businesses and commercial properties.

Here at Evan Asbestos, we’re proud to offer our services to homeowners and businesses across Dorset, Somerset, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Southampton and the surrounding counties.

To discuss our range of high-quality asbestos removal services, just get in touch.

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