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Leave It To The Experts: Why Hire Asbestos Professionals

Asbestos is a carcinogenic material which has been banned in the UK for over 20 years. Beforehand, however, asbestos was a popular insulating material, found in buildings across the country. The resulting impact has led to many homes with hidden asbestos, without the homeowner knowing.

If you believe your home might have asbestos, it’s important to contact asbestos professionals who can address the issue on your behalf. Unlicensed asbestos disposal is dangerous and unauthorised, so learn more about calling an asbestos expert in this article. 

Reasons to Call An Asbestos Expert

There are some reasons why you might consider ringing for an asbestos expert to visit your property. Whether it’s your business or home, an asbestos-free space is not always guaranteed when you first move in. For properties built before 2000, there is a chance asbestos can be found in your home, as the material was banned from use in 1999. It’s a great idea to have your home checked for asbestos before moving in or during the process, helping you to ensure your new home is perfectly safe.

The Benefits

For any company you choose, make sure they are trustworthy to complete the asbestos treatment. They will usually have accreditations. For asbestos disposals, the work can only be done by a licensed contractor or asbestos specialist, making it vital to check before they carry out any work for you. Our company is licensed by the Environment Agency as a registered hazardous waste carrier.

Due to the hazardous nature of asbestos, professionals will have been through several years of training before receiving their certification. This reduces the risk of negligence and clumsiness when it comes to adequately removing asbestos. Specifically, hiring an asbestos specialist with evidenced certifications can help to ensure nothing goes wrong.

Another benefit of opting for a professional company to remove your asbestos issue is that they will have the proper protective equipment. As mentioned, asbestos is a carcinogenic material, meaning inhaling it can cause cancer. To protect themselves from harm, asbestos professionals will be wearing heavy duty masks and gloves. Therefore, you should not need to put yourself in harm's way whatsoever.

How We Can Help

At Evans Asbestos Limited, we provide high-quality services to help our customers remain safe from the risks of asbestos. From asbestos encapsulation to asbestos disposal, we can help stop the spread of harmful fibres within your property. Our services are available across Somerset, Wiltshire, Southampton and Dorset, so wherever you might be, call on us to help. 

Visit our website to learn more about our services, or get in touch with our team directly today.

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