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Do I Require Asbestos Removal Following A House Move?

Moving to a new home is likely one of the most exciting events of your life, with plenty to explore, a large checklist of tasks to no-doubt complete, and of course, things to move! One aspect that you shouldn’t overlook however, is safety, with a new property often requiring a survey upon moving in - sometimes even a specialist survey focusing on particular risk and dangers. Let Evans Asbestos take you through the importance of surveys, and necessity of asbestos removal in certain circumstances, explaining the genuine risks and benefits of enlisting trustworthy professionals.

room prepared for asbestos removal

Identifying Asbestos

Identifying asbestos is easier said than done, with this harmful substance often found in the nooks and crannies of older buildings, as well as within building materials themselves. The name for six minerals made of fibres found naturally in the earth, asbestos has been used in construction and manufacturing for many reasons, and therefore is located within structures of all shapes and sizes. Much of the danger comes from the fact that the fibres forming asbestos separate easily into tiny pieces, making them easy to breathe in, liable to build up in your lungs and cause health problems.

The Genuine Risks

Risks are unfortunately plentiful, and the long-term inhalation of fibres not only raises your chance of developing asbestosis and mesothelioma, but also common cancers such as lung cancer among other illnesses. The stakes are higher for smokers too, because lung passageways become irritated by cigarette smoke more easily. As a result, the lungs have a harder time expelling asbestos fibres, meaning they’re likely a permanent fixture in the lungs of unfortunate smokers.

Trust Professionals

Hiring Evans Asbestos as your licensed removal company will prevent exposure to harmful fibres and dust that come from damaged asbestos materials. Our licensed asbestos removal specialists use modern tools that are designed for safe and efficient removal of asbestos. Removing asbestos in a safe manner, we never put your or your family’s health at risk - trained in using the right tools and equipment that ensure the work is handled in a proper manner.

Removal And Disposal

Licensed by the Environment Agency as a registered hazardous waste carrier, we deal with asbestos disposal for clients within a 70-mile radius of Ferndown including Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire, and the surrounding counties. Our team can quickly arrange analysis and safely remove both bonded and fibrous asbestos. We're licensed waste carriers which means that everything will be disposed of in line with the latest regulations.

The safe and efficient solution to all your asbestos removal requirements, Evans Asbestos is an independent, family operated asbestos contractor based in Dorset and the South West, with over 30 years’ experience in managing asbestos removal and surveying projects of all sizes. Make the most of our professional offering anc contact us to book a property survey.

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