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Booking Your 2024 Asbestos Survey In Somerset

Booking an asbestos survey is an absolute matter of urgency if you believe your Somerset premises could contain the harmful substance. With all manner of potentially harmful effects stemming from exposure, not to mention the likelihood of others in your home also developing related issues, there’s certainly plenty of reason to consult experts at the earliest possible stage. Let Evans Asbestos take you through the stages of booking a survey, as well as the harm of exposure, and reasons we’re local leaders concerning asbestos disposal.

man wearing protective clothing and mask for asbestos removal

An Absolute Necessity

An essential for all homes and commercial settings in which you believe asbestos could still be a viable threat, for those unaware of the nature of this dangerous substance, it isn’t to be taken lightly. Six naturally occurring minerals composed of fibres take on the name asbestos, and while there are several uses for these minerals in industries (most notably construction), they can prove dangerous. Asbestos fibres readily break into small fragments, becoming simple to breathe in and too little to see. They may accumulate in the lungs and result in medical issues, either almost immediately or over time.

Asbestos Surveys Explained

An asbestos survey is conducted to find and identify asbestos-containing materials in a building or property. Often a legal requirement, an asbestos survey will help establish the type and quantity of asbestos, as well as where it is within a structure. You will likely need a survey conducted to comply with Regulation 4 of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, and the most thorough surveys will thoroughly check through Insulation in walls and attics, ceiling tiles, roofing and even textured paints - extremely thorough.

Effects Of Exposure

Effects of exposure are often severe, and may be worsened by certain outside factors and circumstances. If you breathe in the fibres over long periods of time, you increase your risk for diseases like lung cancer, mesothelioma, and asbestosis. As previously suggested,smokers are even more affected. This is due to the fact that cigarette smoke irritates the lung passages, making it harder for the lungs to remove fibres.

Consult Professionals

Available across Dorset, Somerset, Hampshire, Wiltshire and the surrounding counties, at Evans Asbestos, our asbestos removal service is quick, safe and competitive. Asbestos removal is a complex and dangerous process, which is why it’s necessary that you let experts handle the job. Careless removal of asbestos can result in the release of harmful fibres that can create serious health complications, so always opt for professionals.


A reliable and required service - especially if you’re fearful of the presence of a harmful material - Evans Asbestos helps homeowners and businesses across Dorset, Somerset, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Southampton and the surrounding counties to stay safe. Contact our company to find out more today, or to book a survey for your property.

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